general information
Genre Comedy
No. of episodes 11
Running time 4-12 minutes
(usually around 7)
Original run June 22, 2010 - July 27, 2010
Producer(s) KevJumba
Wong Fu Productions
Director(s) Wong Fu Productions
Writer(s) KevJumba
Wong Fu Productions
Editor(s) Philip Wang
Cinematography Wesley Chan
Sound Effects Ted Fu
Music David Choi
George Shaw
Starring Kevin Wu
Philip Wang

Funemployed is an 11-episode web series starring KevJumba and Philip Wang as the main characters. The first two episodes were officially released on Tuesday, June 22, 2010, and the remaining episodes were released one by one every Tuesday and Thursday that followed, until the finale.


When two good friends, Kyle (Kevin Wu) and Jason (Philip Wang), that work at a real estate firm suddenly find themselves jobless, they need to find a way to earn a living, and fast, lest they move back in with their parents.

Video descriptionEdit

Follow Jason and Kyle on their journey through unemployment as they discover what their friendship and chasing dreams really mean. [1]


In order of appearances.

Recurring CharactersEdit

Role Portrayed by Notes

Kevin Wu

Kyle is one of the two main characters; he appears in all episodes of Funemployed.

Jason Philip Wang

Jason is one of the two main characters; he appears in all the episodes of Funemployed, except episode 9.

Judy Kina Grannis

Judy is introduced in episode 2. She makes six appearances throughout the series.

Duke Chester See

Duke is introduced in episode 2, along with Judy. He makes a second appearance in the final episode.

Lois Nathalie Duran

Lois is introduced in episode 4. She makes a second appearance in episode 10.

Ryan Higa Ryan Higa

Ryan Higa is introduced in episode 5. He makes two more appearances, in episode 7 and 11.

Aaron David Choi

Aaron is Kyle's cousin, and he is introduced in episode 7. He makes two more appearances, in episode 8 and 11.

Other CharactersEdit

Role Portrayed by Notes
Gertrude Nicki Paige

Secretary at the real estate office Kyle and Jason worked for. Appears in episode 1.

Mr. Howard Andy Cochrane

Realtor, and the ex-boss of Kyle and Jason. Appears in episode 1.

Kyle's replacement at the firm Brian Chan

The person hired to replace Kyle at Mr. Howard's office. He is played by Wesley Chan's brother.

Jason's mom Lisa Kim Fleming

Appears in episode 2, during a flashback.

Employer at Whimsical Yogurt Sandra Dee Nicholson

Appears in episode 3.

Garage sale patron Conor Barrett

Appears in episode 6.

Music student Justine Rafael

Appears in episode 7.

Derek Matt Koval

Appears in episode 7.

Derek's roommate Manny Boria

Appears in episode 9.

Derek's roommate Anthony Falcon

Appears in episode 9.

Mr. Howard's replacement Christopher Dinh

Appears in episode 10.

shybabenicole143 Kelley Koski

Mentioned in several episodes (6, 7 and 9) and makes her first appearance in the finale.


Episode 1 - GO SUCK A DICK!!Edit

Main article: Funemployed - Episode 1 - You're Fired, I Quit!

In the first episode, the audience is introduced to friends Kyle and Jason, who both work at the same real estate firm. It is quickly revealed that Jason has just been laid off because 'times are tough', and the boss, Mr. Howard, cannot bear to let the office eye-candy Gertrude go, so Jason gets the short end of the stick. Kyle, seeing the unjustice of the situation, decides to talk things over with Mr. Howard, however, he walks in on an interview and learns that he is being replaced, and is subsequently fired as well. Both friends are left jobless by the end of the episode.

Episode 2 - Excuses, Excuses...Edit

The second episode begins with a forlorn Jason and optimistic Kyle buying hot dogs at an outdoor food stand. As they eat their meal, the two discuss their options as newly unemployed individuals, and what they may have to do if they don't find a new job soon. As they leave through the parking lot, Jason is greeted by an old friend, a cute girl who went to community college with him several years ago. She is introduced as Judy, and shortly after their meeting, it is revealed that she is currently dating an obnoxious and condescending jerk, who manages to belittle and mock both Jason and Kyle in their short encounter. As Judy leaves with Duke, Jason and Kyle decide that they must get jobs -- and fast -- if they don't want to looked down on and ridiculed by people like Duke.

Episode 3 - Milking ItEdit

The third episode began with Jason being all frustrated. flipping the newspaper back and forth while looking for potential jobs. Kyle on the other hand is playing his Xbox while admiring his idol "Yao Ming". As much as Jason is feeling very desperate for a new job, somehow Kyle is taking it very lightly, and then. Jason decided to apply for a managerial position at a place called "Whimsical Yogurt", Kyle followed along to apply as a yogurt scooper in the place. However the interview didn't go well for Jason, he was placed under the "waiting list". Kyle on the under hand got himself into a little bit of kinky situation. They regretted coming to the place and Kyle definitely felt very much violated

Episode 4 - Rock the InterviewEdit

Episode 5 - Follow your...Dreams?Edit

Episode 6 - Videos don't make money.Edit

Episode 7 - The music is in all of usEdit

Episode 8 - Caught cheating.Edit

Episode 9 - Lonely, lonely KyleEdit

Episode 10 - Hug it out.Edit

Episode 11 - Gave it a shot.Edit


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