Wong Fu Weekends
general information
Wong Fu Weekends began as a weekly vlog-type show back in 2010. Every Friday, a new video would be uploaded. It was described as a "casual, candid look at [Phil, Wes and Ted][1]"

Initially, there would be a vlog uploaded on their Youtube channel every Friday and taken down in a week's time, but still archived on their main website.[1] However, aside from a few season one episodes, practically every Wong Fu Weekends vlog still remains on their channel.

Intro AnimationEdit

Every Wong Fu Weekends video typically begins with a short intro, depicting slips of lined paper with the words "Wong Fu Weekends" written on them, crudely animated to move towards the center of the screen. {C The accompanying audio for the animation varies from video to video, but most commonly, Phil will sing a short theme song, with the last note sang in a shaky voice:

It's the end of the week, of Wong Fu week, it's Wong Fu Weekends!

Other intros include:

  • Why is the paper moving?!
  • Wong Fu Weekends, where we show you... stuff.
  • Various musical riffs
  • A crowd yelling "Wong Fu Weekends!"

A new intro animation was introduced in season 3, featuring various clips of past Wong Fu Weekends, but seasons 4 and 5 brought back the "moving papers".



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